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Entry #4

Toshiro-ing again.

2009-09-13 09:42:44 by Squirrel245

Thought I should probably make a post on here to say that I'm (very lazily) working on a sequel to Toshiro - The Fly. Doesn't have a proper title just yet, but because I don't have a time limit on this one I'm trying to make it as much of an improvement over the first one as I can.

I've also uploaded a preview of it to my deviantArt account. Because I can.

If all goes well, I don't get crippled by school work, and I stop being quite so lazy, it should be up in like... December-ish or something.




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2009-09-13 09:50:10

I love that video! I remember watching it several times in a row when it first came out. Will the fly be in the next one? If so, don't kill it off. I love how simple yet evil it seems to be lol.

(Updated ) Squirrel245 responds:

I'm afraid the fly won't be in this episode, but I AM trying to find a place for him in some future episode... Probably gonna try and give him an actual back story so he's more than just "that irritating little shit who glows and indirectly stops crimes." :P


2009-09-13 15:15:36

your picture is scareing the hell out of me

Squirrel245 responds: