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Toshiro-ing again.

2009-09-13 09:42:44 by Squirrel245

Thought I should probably make a post on here to say that I'm (very lazily) working on a sequel to Toshiro - The Fly. Doesn't have a proper title just yet, but because I don't have a time limit on this one I'm trying to make it as much of an improvement over the first one as I can.

I've also uploaded a preview of it to my deviantArt account. Because I can.

If all goes well, I don't get crippled by school work, and I stop being quite so lazy, it should be up in like... December-ish or something.



What Now?

2008-07-05 03:45:54 by Squirrel245

So... A Pleasant Loop is dead now.

Its a weird feeling. I get on the computer and think "time to do some work on flash! Oh wait... DAMMIT". Its messing with my mind because I'm still in that frame of mind that tells me I have something to work on, but when I realise that I don't, I'm still thinking "But... do flash work!"

Stupid computer...

I should think of something new to do, quick XD

Actual News? NEVER!!

2007-07-22 02:36:32 by Squirrel245

Still messing around with the New Newgrounds... Userpage is interesting.


Oh. 2 years after submitting my first flash I decided to redraw Toshiro. Here he is. See him now in all his less-crappy-than-before glory.

Actual News? NEVER!!

2007-07-21 08:11:14 by Squirrel245

...This is new.